Ready for your journey to becoming a changemaker?

The Youthpreneur! Initiative aims to spark your entrepreneurial mindset by raising awareness about the myriad social issues in society. We believe that when you witness the type of impact we can create collectively, you will join us and our fellow changemakers in making our world
a better place.

Participants will get the opportunity to co-create scalable and socially impactful projects related to the tracks of the Initiative, namely
Environmental Sustainability, Mental Health, and Educational Technology.
Throughout the event, you will go through several workshops, trainings, and discussions aimed at assisting you with your project ideation as well as showcasing your abilities as changemakers.

The three tracks

Environmental Sustainability

We have used up unimaginable amounts of resources, both natural and human-made. How should we manage the usage of these resources and waste production to conserve the place we call home?

Mental Health

Body image, insecurities, loneliness – these are topics we don’t talk about enough here in Hong Kong. How should youths position themselves to make sure these topics can be given more attention?

Education Technology

Traditional educational systems are seemingly becoming less effective. How should we take advantage of technology to benefit youth learning and development?

Meet the participants

We are delighted to welcome 13 teams to the Youthpreneur! initiative. You can find the groups, their proposals, and their prototypes below:

  1. EcoPack
  2. Find Your Trend
  3. FoodWasteSaviours
  4. WEcobuy
  1. Warrior not Worrier
  2. PRISM
  3. Renew
  4. Time Traveller
  1. Buoy
  2. QualiFly
  3. Evergreen
  4. EduCat
  5. Progress Infinity

Timeline of the event


We would first like to thank Paragon and Common Core for the sponsorship of prizes.

Champion Prize

45 minutes meet-up session with Paragon’s co-founder to learn about
how to run a coworking business in HK

100 Paracoins* to be used for venue booking, valid for 6 months
Paragon Lite Membership^
$1,000 Apple Store Gift Card

1st Runner Up Prize

100 Paracoins* to be used for venue booking, valid for 6 months
Paragon Lite Membership^
$500 Netflix Gift Card

2nd Runner Up Prize

50 Paracoins* to be used for venue booking, valid for 6 months
Paragon Lite Membership^
$500 Spotify Gift Card

The People’s Award Prize

$250 Eslite Book Voucher

The total value of the prizes above is $6750.

*Paracoins are the points used to book facilities. The value of each Paracoin is HK$10.
^Participant address is needed for delivery of the membership card.
Terms and conditions applied.


  1. Any undergraduate student studying in the University of Hong Kong, regardless of discipline or year, is eligible to join the Youthpreneur! Initiative.
  2. Participation in Youthpreneur! must be on a team basis. Teams may consist of 4 to 5 participants, and applicants may choose to apply as a team or as individuals (in this case, we would help allocate you into groups with other individual applicants).
  3. Each applicant has to pay the Application Fee of $70 in order to be confirmed as a participant of the Youthpreneur! Initiative. The Organizing Committee reserves the final decision when it comes to payment matters.

Selection process


Each team will have to submit a 2-page proposal before the Showcase Day.


Teams will have 8 minutes to pitch their idea and prototype to the public and invited guests.


Our judging panel will select one winning team from each track who would advance to the Grand Finale.


There will be one overall Grand Champion of the whole Initiative.

Judging Criteria

The judging criteria comprises two main parts:
1) Presentation (Proposal, Prototype, Pitching), and
2) Idea (Innovation, Social Impact, Scalability, Proftability).

The proposal should include the problem to be addressed, the solution, the business model and the application of design thinking. It should not exceed 2 pages. Each team should then submit a 30 s – 1 min video briefly showing and introducing their prototype. Lastly, each team would have the chance to pitch their ideas out on Showcase Day to our esteemed judges.

Start creating change.

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