Global Volunteer (GV) | Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We are here to help you answer your questions!

About Our Projects

When can I go on GV?

Every project has a different time duration. You can always find one that suits your schedule the best. (Highlight the projects we have on the display board)

Are there any projects shorter than 6 weeks?

Unfortunately no, since most of the projects are 6 weeks long. Since we feel that in order to gain a proper experience and drive impact as well as have an authentic cross-cultural exchange, 6 weeks is the minimum time required.

Are the projects affiliated to some international organization? What recognition will I get?

Each project is aligned to a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (eg: Quality Education, Gender Equality, etc.). You will receive a certificate as well from AIESEC International after the completion of your project.

Going on Volunteer

Where do HKU students mostly go on GV?

It really depends on their interest and which countries they want to travel to. We offer projects Brazil is popular because the Latin American culture is really different and fascinating to explore. If you’re looking for travelling around Europe, then consider Lithuania, Romania and Poland. Not looking to go too far from HK- go for Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand

Would there be any accommodation provided?

Depending on the project, the accommodation may be provided with some being covered by the fee. The accommodation is often in the form of host family or youth hostel.

How can I know more about GV?

In case you wish to know more about GV, pass us your contact through this link and our officer would be glad to offer some help.

Application Process

How do I apply for a project?

Book with us a consultancy chat through before applying at

How many GV projects can I apply for at once?

Up to 20 but it is advised to just stick to around 5 projects. You’ll need to go through an interview for each project so it’s best not to apply to too many.

What is the programme fee? What does it include?

The programme fee is 2750 HKD. This covers the accommodation and meals in most projects. You just have to pay for your own flight tickets and insurance.

What shall I expect from the interview?

The interviewees help us understand your motivation but also for you to understand more about the project you’ve applied to.

How long does it take to apply to a project?

The application process usually takes less than a week from the moment you apply to a project on You shall receive an acceptance offer within a week.

When is the application deadline for the projects?

Most of the summer projects come out from early February onwards and applications open. But you can apply whenever since the projects as there are no fixed deadlines.

How long is the entire process from applying to get approved for the project?

If the host entity is prompt, the whole process should take less than a week. To ensure that it is very quick and hassle free, we contact the host entities to hurry up the process.

Can I choose not to go on GV even after getting accepted to a project?

Yes, you do have a choice on declining to go even after you have got accepted for a project. But kindly avoid doing that as the spots for projects are limited and wasting your position in a project can deprive someone else of the opportunity.