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Our International Relations (IR) Partners are dedicated to providing you with an enriching leadership experience for you to gain a professional edge and keep you updated on the country of your choice.

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Our International Relations Partners Are Across The World.

Make Singapore Your Next Exchange Destination. Here’s Why.

If you are looking for a place to exchange while basking in the tropic sunshine, look no further.

Everything You Need to Know About Japan

How much do you know about Japan? For those interested in travelling and exploring the world, find out more about this charming country!

What’s next? An exchange to Vietnam.

A few things that you definitely don’t wanna miss out. We’ve got you covered in our guide.

Namaste! A Remarkable Journal About India

India has so much to offer as a valuable hub of Asian history and culture thanks to its huge geographical advantage!

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Indonesia

Indonesia has spectacular biodiversity full of natural wonders but do you know about the country’s social development?

Your Ultimate Guide to Myanmar

Looking for exotic adventures to hop on? Myanmar got you covered. 

Broaden Your Horizon By Working in Malaysia!

What is your first impression of Malaysia? A travel destination? A food paradise? An ecologically diverse country?

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