Global Talent (GTa) & Global Teaching (GTe)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Enquiries

Why should I choose AIESEC over other organisations offering similar products?

AIESEC has two unique features that differentiate itself from other organisations.

Firstly, AIESEC actively encourages and supports self-discovery—both professionally and personally. Our Global Talent programme particularly helps our participants gain self-clarity through experiencing new environments and immersion in different cultures.

Secondly, AIESEC ensures that our exchange participants are prepared and provided with means to enjoy a fruitful experience through our personalised services. For instance, each participant will work closely with an exchange participant manager (EPM) to facilitate the application process, and participants will have the chance to attend career workshops in preparation for their exchange.

What is the difference between Global Talent (GTa) and Global Teacher (GTe)?

The main difference is between the industries that participants under these separate schemes will enter. For Global Talent, the industries include Business Administration, Business Development, Marketing, Finance, IT or Engineering. For the Global Teacher programme, the internship will be focused on Teaching.

More About GTa & GTe

Who can apply for AIESEC’s GTa and GTe programme?

University undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduates between 18-30 years old are welcome.

What are the requirements for GTa/GTe?

GTa concerns professional projects that may require certain skills and qualifications depending on the particular job description and nature. You can consult your assigned EPM for more details.

GTe requires at least 1 year of practical teaching experience and/or a bachelor in language education.

Where can I go on GTa/GTe programmes?

AIESEC has operations in more than 120 countries, however, we have strong IR partnerships with Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India. Opportunities with our IR Partners have higher chances of approval.

Are GTa and GTe programs paid?

For the 6-8 weeks of opportunities in GTa, either salary or cover accommodation for the full duration of the experience is provided. For opportunities longer than 8 weeks duration, salary for the full duration of the experience is provided.

All GTe opportunities have to provide salary for the full duration of the experience.

How much is the program fee?

Short-term programs lasting for 6-12 weeks cost $4000*. Medium-length programs lasting for 13-26 weeks cost $4200*.

Long-term programs lasting for 27-78 weeks cost $4400*. There is a $500 discount for IR countries and early bird.

*All fees are in Hong Kong dollars (HKD)

Can I join opportunities from my home country or city with AIESEC?

No, we only provide international internships. The reason is we want to develop cross cultural understanding and global mindset development in our participants.

How many hours do I have to work per week?

For both GTa and GTe, a minimum of 35 hours per week is required.

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