Your Journey Begins Here

Learn how past Exchange Participants (EPs) changed after their Global Volunteering (GV) experience

Suki Chieh in Turkey

“On the day we separated, we kept saying “goodbye” in their language, and so did they. It was really touching…”

“Although cultural differences sometimes may result in jokes or misunderstandings, they help us to learn new living, dining, cooking habits, languages, tradition, history, etc. And the experience can definitely bring me to see a wider vision to the world!’

Anise Lau in Korea

“This project is wonderful in terms of developing my leadership skills and global vision”

“The voluntary teaching part trained our crisis management skills. We had to react instantly to solve unexpected problems. Through the incidents, I know more about the local working culture.”

Joanne Lui in Romania

“I chatted with my roommates (who are locals) until midnight on the first night!”

“The way one perceives and comments on other countries depends on their own experience, which varies from one to one. After my experience I realize the importance to be open-minded and not be limited to fixed perceptions, or else I will just be the frog in a well knowing nothing of the ocean.”