Grow with Purpose.

Throughout our time in HKU, we have worked to uphold diverse, growth-seeking communities eager to engage and develop every young person we can.

In 21.22, we are not afraid of the new and uncertain. We strive to nurture unique journeys of growth for every young person. No matter the challenge, we are dedicated to thriving together as one community. 

We empower youth to be confident in inspiring our world together.

We put people and their potential at the center of everything we do.

We grow with purpose so that we may choose love over fear.

Get to know our department!

Front Offices

Back Offices

Outgoing Global Volunteer (oGV)

oGV is directly in touch with exchange participants to nurture their overseas volunteering experience:

  • Prepare sessions for exchange participants to gain personal growth
  • Communicate with exchange participants to consolidate their learnings throughout the volunteer period
  • Coordinate with overseas AIESEC entities to ensure quality of exchange

What will you learn?

  • Customer Servicing
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Presentation skills

Outgoing Global Talent (oGT)

oGT is committed to creating overseas internship opportunities for HKU students and assisting them in career planning:

  • Assist local participants in applying for a suitable overseas internship
  • Nurture partnership experience with international partners
  • Engage in projects, events and promotional campaigns

What will you learn?

  • Business mindset
  • Career Coaching 
  • Sales & Pitching

Incoming Global Talent (iGT)

iGT is responsible for retaining talented youths from all over the world in collaboration with local companies:

  • Attend company meetings and networking events
  • Conduct CV screening and interviews for international applicants to match with internship opportunities
  • Bridge between companies and interns throughout the internship period

What will you learn?

  • Business Insight
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Sales & Prospecting

Partnership Development (PD)

PD is the external representation of AIESEC and engages a variety of business stakeholders:

  • Organise in-campus branding events to foster cooperation with business partners
  • Engage with corporates and campus units through prospecting, company meetings and networking events to raise partnership and sponsorship
  • Meet up and maintain good relationships with alumni

What will you learn?

  • Networking & Negotiation
  • Event Management for campus-wide initiatives
  • Professional Content Drafting for proposals & pitching materials

Branding and Marketing (BM)

BM is devoted to nurturing creative marketers as they learn to market and promote our exchange:

  • Initiate and execute marketing campaigns and events
  • Manage all marketing channels and engage in content creation such as video shooting and email content
  • Design sales materials such as banners and leaflets

What will you learn?

  • Content Creation
  • Sales & Pitching 
  • Market Research & Analysis

Talent Management (TM)

TM is a people-oriented department that serves as the backbone of AIESEC to fulfill a fruitful leadership journey:

  • Prepare and conduct internal training and member education
  • Plan and organise bonding events among AIESEC members
  • Track members’ performance for all departments

What will you learn?

  • Event Planning & Management
  • Data analysis
  • Session planning & coaching

Finance, Legal Administration & Information Management (FLAIM)

FLAIM is in charge of sustaining AIESEC’s financial status, compliance and data:

  • Analyze information and data available to support operational performance
  • Bookkeep, advise and source longer-term financing
  • Present the statement result with regular internal reporting

What will you learn?

  • Corporate Accounting
  • Computer & Data Analysis Skills
  • Legal Research, Advice & Drafting

Great things cannot happen
without the spark of leadership