Leading you to success in the HR screening process

To conduct a more effective hiring process, evaluating and examining your background and references before an interview is essential for HR. As such, submitting the personal documents and portfolio usually the first step to show your personality and strength instead of an interview. Learn more about what to expect from HR screening and how to prepare for one.

A Step-by-Step Guide for You

  • #Step 1 : Review A Job Description

    The job description is a cheat sheet for the company’s wants and needs in a candidate. Review the desired qualifications, as well as the main responsibilities involved in the role.

    Examine the required and preferred qualifications for the candidate as well as the main responsibilities for the role. Take note of key responsibilities and consider how your own education, skills and experience align with the role.

  • #Step 2: Research the Company

    You should be able to answer questions about the company’s products, market and other key strategies and figures that can be uncovered through research. As a result, researching the company’s background can help you understand the company’s needs and culture better.

  • #Step 3: Prepare Your Resume

    In this stage, you should show HR how well you understand the company’s background and the job description through your resume. Meanwhile, you should show your strength and personality which are fit into that company and job.

    Tips: Be able to describe your three most relevant accomplishments and how they demonstrate your ability to be successful in the role for which you’re applying.

  • #Step 4: Finalise and Double-checking

    Having a good first impression of the company, you should avoid any careless mistake, such as a grammatical mistake. Moreover, you should reconfirm every document that you have summited is correct.

  • #Step 5: Others preparation

    Recently, more and more companies require you to send a 1-3 minutes video about yourself. Therefore, you should be aware of what is needed to submit one. Do not miss any detail from the requirement list.

Screening FAQs

Q1: How does the hiring process impact candidate experience

By adopting a structured and comprehensive hiring process, you’re taking the first step in positioning your business for success by attracting the right talent. The type of talent that will help build the company culture, drive sales and ultimately position the company as a leader in the industry.

Q2: What is a good benchmark for application process length?

The moment the best candidate applies, your hiring team should be ready to identify them. Considering that the most talented people are off the market in 10 days, it’s best to aim for the shortest time to hire possible.

Q3: How do I improve career page conversion rates?

Aim for a hassle-free application form. Use a short, straightforward application with a few relevant and concise qualifying questions.

Good Luck with Your Interview!

Significant changes in technology over the past decade have a profound impact on recruiting strategies, with staffing professionals increasing use of social networking sites to source, contact and screen both active and passive job candidates. Prepare well every document you need can make the whole process so much more effective!

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