Application Procedure Walk-Through

Scroll through these Simple 8 Steps to Apply for Exchange Opportunities!

Step 1

Submit Sign-up Form

After submission, you will be contacted by your designated Exchange Participant Manager, who will be responsible for your whole AIESEC exchange journey

Step 2

▸ Take the 16-personality test

▸ Register an account on EXPA

Detailed information will be provided by your Exchange Participant Manager

Step 3

Interviews will be conducted with the foreign AIESEC entity and/or the company of your choice of opportunities

If you pass the interview, you will officially be considered as our Exchange Participant.

Step 4

Sign the Contract

Step 5

Settle the Payment

Step 6

Provide with Acceptance Note

Step 7

Participating in the Outgoing Preparation Seminars to

get yourself prepared for the overseas internship 

Step 8

Settle with Insurance and Accommodation 


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