Broaden Your Horizon By Working in Malaysia!

What is your first impression of Malaysia? A travel destination? A food paradise? An ecologically diverse country?

Malaysia is definitely everyone of this at first glance, but do you know Malaysia has three separate parts, where are Peninsular (or West Malaysia), Sarawak and Sabah? Each of them is different in their unique way, you get to immerse yourself in an all-encompassing experience across different parts of this lively country.


What it’s like to live in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a beautiful place with countless natural treasures for tourists to explore during their stay.

RM 20-40

Spent a day on 3 meals including drinks

The costs of living are relatively low when compared to western countries.

English, Chinese, Bahasa Melayu

Languages spoken in Malaysia

As Malaysia is such an ethnically-diverse country, you will be able to meet people from different backgrounds.

Don’t you look forward to exploring a country with diversified cultures and sceneries on a low budget?

How about working in Malaysia?

Malaysia has one of the most successful economies in Asia. Workers are benefited from an open, state-oriented, recently industrialised market economy. The country is also an important centre of Islamic finance, with a comparatively high number of women working in the Islamic banking sector.

A minimum of 10 days paid holidays per year have been prescribed by the Malaysian Labour Law.

Seize Our Internship Opportunity in Malaysia

to expose yourself to rich cultural diversity and an

open market economy with low living cost required. 

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