Do you know Steve Jobs met his co-founding Apple partner in Summer Internship?

Internship is a pivotal part of our career path. It allows us to incorporate our classroom learnings into real-world situations, explore our own career interests and develop valuable professional networks.

With globalisation, equipping ourselves with foreign communication capabilities is becoming increasingly important. Interning abroad may be the perfect opportunity for you to scale up your language skills. An overseas internship exposes you to diverse workplace and local cultures leave room for you to reflect and see things from different perspectives. 

AIESEC encourages youth to undertake international internships to unleash their leadership potential in addition to empowering their workplace competency, adding value to both personal and professional development.


Sam Lai | Marketing Intern in Malaysia

“I was grateful for interning at a Malaysian startup as a marketing trainee. Our company worked just like a global village, welcoming colleagues from more than 20 countries. Gradually, I demonstrated the skills of active listening and staying open-minded through coping with heterogeneous working styles and cultural backgrounds. With Global Talent, I have taken the opportunity to go beyond my limits and explore the bigger world, which I definitely found rewarding and fruitful.” 


Aria Shek | Talent Specialist at Apple Retail

“Cultural differences and individuality played a big part of my internship journey, since connecting with people with such diverse backgrounds was never an easy task for me. In terms of working style, I felt blessed to be given an optimal degree of freedom where I was able to test my limits and make bold attempts. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude, as Global Talent has inspired me to plan ahead and think seriously about my future career path, only after this overwhelming experience of interacting with a group of talented individuals.”


Sung Haeyeun | Marketing and Sales Intern in Hitachi, Japan

“Workplace aside, the Japanese drinking culture after work – ‘Nomaki’ – enabled me to make the most out of my journey. Listening to my fellow colleagues’ unique stories has given me the occasion to communicate, learn and reflect. Not only I was so lucky to receive career guidance, but life coaching as well. Bit by bit, I was having a better grasp of the reality of the business world, all thanks to ‘Nomunication’.”

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