Make Singapore Your Next Exchange Destination. Here’s Why.

A city with

exuberant tales of history for you to explore

If you are looking for a place to exchange while basking in the tropic sunshine, look no further. Singapore is a small island of a mere 728 km2. Yet it sits on the bejewelled throne as one of the 4 Asian Tigers, boasting a phenomenal count of international businesses, enjoying harmonious ethnic diversity, and above all, amazing food. Imagine working while taking in all the exotic city has to offer. It will be like a working holiday! Here is all you need to know about the cultural mixing pot and food lover’s paradise.

Foodie Paradise

When it comes to filling your belly with flavourful goodies, the Lion City never disappoints.  The streets are packed with delicacies awaiting to be devoured. With the promise of low start-up capital, many turned to the streets for business. Through generations, the hawker fare still managed to survive. Famous Singaporean street food like Hainanese chicken rice, Char Kway Teow, curry crabs, and many more, all you can eat! And did you know Laksa was the product of Chinese-Malayian crossover? The heterogenous ethnicity of Singapore has brought with it wonders galore.

Heralded as the most religiously diverse country, harmonious coexistence of different ethnicities makes up the  bedrock of Singapore’s demographics. There are Chinese, Malaysians, Indians, Indonesians etc. It is therefore no surprise that there are at least 3 recognised official languages used, namely English, Chinese, Malay. Experience first hand on how different cultures mingle, and meet new people here in the tropics, for diversity is woven into the fabrics of this south-east Asian country.

Cultural Mixing Pot

Connective Business Hub

Exchange with top notch professionals on a global scale. The Lion City ranks 1st  as the world’s most competitive economy. Sound legal protection, mature infrastructure and high connectivity of the business ecosystem gave it an edge. Like a stepping stone, the convenient location of Singapore allows foreign businesses to tap into the emerging Asian market. Make your exchange meaningful by practising side by side with international partners, making valuable connections along the way.

Boasting top scores in both economic and cultural charts, Singapore is truly the Lion City, fierce in its endeavour to reach new heights. Embark on a new chapter with us to explore more of this miraculous South East Asian Island!

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