Everything You Need to Know About Japan

How much do you know about Japan? As a world citizen who is interested in travelling and exploring the world, you should find out more about this charming country! The following are the ultimate resources to let you know more!

Why Japan is one of the best countries in the world?

Having a high quality control and employee engagement, Japan’s rapid growth in economy is undeniably obvious. Not only the economy, but also other many aspects including environment and society have an apparent improvement! This is why you are now here to read on and explore more!

Facts of Japan

Japan is one of the most fascinating countries in the world, with a surface area of 145,894 sq miles. It has a total population of 126.4 million located near Korean, China and Korea consists of several islands such as Shikoku.

Astounding attractions in Japan

Holding over 1300 years of history, Japan has its long-established tradition which became one of the signatures of Japan. Japan has boosted its engrossing history and culture to become one of the countries with the highest world tourism ranking. With all of the well-known attractions like Fushimi, Inari, Taisha and Mountain Fuji, you will never get bored of its magnificent beauty!

Why is Japanese Culture so popular?

Influenced by the long history, Japanese culture demonstrates a great blend of east and west, making way for its truly unique traditional cultures such as manga and geisha. Walking down the street in Japan, it is not difficult to unfold Japan’s secrets and its hidden treasures!

What makes Japan’s economy successful? 

Speaking of the business culture in Japan, you may be shocked by Japanese dedication to perfection. Japanese highly value etiquette and protocol at work. They make everything with care and heart, it is therefore no surprise that Japan ranks third internationally in nominal GDP as the second-largest developed economy in the world. There is undeniably much to learn from the Japanese working attitude!

Looking for A Trip to Remember?

With a basic understanding of Japan, perhaps you are looking forward to experiencing this wonderful country! Why don’t you take a step further to explore this place more? We are now providing you with internship exchange opportunities for you to have a taste of the local culture! Click to learn more.

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