What’s next? An exchange to Vietnam.

A Guide to Vietnam:

A few things that you definitely don’t wanna miss out

For Foodie

You definitely can’t miss out Bánh mì, which is a fusion of French bread and Vietnam cold cuts. While you always have your drinks in liquid, you would definitely want to try Vietnam’s signature drink–egg coffees, which is a whole new texture that you might never have tried.

For Cultural Explorer

You may want to pay attention to the never-ending traffic in Vietnam! Almost every Vietnamese owns a motorcycle and they just drive straight past you. It’s almost a cultural shock seeing with the motorcycles going in all directions, and no traffic lights guiding them at all! 

For Outdoor-lovers

Vietnam is a mix of natural highlights and cultural heritage. The scenery ranges from crooked mountains to paddy fields. Halong Bay is a great illustration of Vietnam’s spectacular landscape. If you are a hiker, Sapa Countryside will be the top trekking destination for you.

For people who are interested in industry in Vietnam

Vietnam is forecasted as the fastest growing world economy. Vietnam has also been listed among the Next Eleven and CIVETS countries. Vietnam is gradually developing as a key location for high-technology manufacturing, with companies like Samsung, LG Electronics, Nokia. Aside from manufacturing, Vietnam is on its way to becoming a prime market for foreign investment in e-commerce activities. 

Therefore, if you want to develop a career in information technology and new online business world, Vietnam would be best choice for an overseas internship to try it out.

Can’t Wait to Visit Vietnam?

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